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 211 East Grand Avenue

Hot Springs, Arkansas  


Auction October 25, 2014


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      amoon.gif (4433 bytes) We specialize in finding Antique and Vintage Collectibles for our customers. 
We go shopping every week to find the treasure you have been looking for.

We invite you to drop by our store at
211 East Grand Avenue in Historical Hot Springs, Arkansas

 the Corner of Malvern and Grand Avenues
 10 - 6 Tuesday - Saturday
 11-6 on Sunday . . . . . . . . We take Mondays off

Paul helps us throughout the week....

We think he's great... and so do our customers.....

We also list our items on 


Remember, when you buy from us you are recycling!
Shopping for antiques and vintage treasures is a way to be GREEN.  
Conserve this good old Earth's Resources by using household items from the past.  
The Green Movement
has always been right here at
Moonlight Antiques in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

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Look for our Sign on the side of our building.
  We have great parking in the front and in the rear.

We are members of Hot Springs Antique Dealers Association
and Members of the Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce   

Great Plantation Cupboard at Moonlight Antiques.  We have had lots of jadeite to choose from.


 What a terrific 1950's vintage light.

Remember we restock weekly.  We are always looking in the corners and crags for all those hard to find curiosities that 
 tickle your fancy.  

         you can email if you want, just click here -  cuteemail.gif (6321 bytes)
Miss Judy likes to take a lot of photos of things we have in the store.  So keep looking below if you are curious.  We have a lot of variety, but you need to call if you see something you want.   It may have already been snatched up by a walk-in customer.


Here at Moonlight Antiques we love to celebrate the Seasons and the Holidays!  
We carry vintage Christmas collectibles all the time.  We celebrate
Valentines, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  
You will find seasonal collectibles to start a collection or add to what you already have. 

We are here to help you and your family continue to enjoy all Holidays and Celebrate the little things in life. 
Happy Holidays to you and yours!


We greet you as you come in our doors.  Feel free to shop by yourself or we can help.

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   Here's a look from our two story balcony and you can see our Elk, Deer, and lots of Antiques & Collectibles.    
Click here to go to more photos on our Gallery Page.             

smstars.gif (1647 bytes)We have sold some rare Desert Rose pieces lately.      smstars.gif (1647 bytes)      
smstars.gif (1647 bytes)What a fine antique china cabinet we love.   

This 1970's Combination "Fireplace/Stereo/Bar" is quite unique.  See it for yourself.

VintagJadite Dishes with Pink compliments on Vintage Green Tablecloth.


Campaign buttons have arrived.

New Red Crocheted group


Our supply of vintage linen is endless.   Special 3 Little Pigs.  Come and get your yellow step stool..


Some terrific Movie Memorabilia. . . we like to find for our customers.  
smstars.gif (1647 bytes)   smstars.gif (1647 bytes)   smstars.gif (1647 bytes)
  Visit our film section dedicated to old cameras, old movie stars, old film posters and even old film reels. Plus a collection of Vacation collectibles.

Our collection of glass frogs is spectacular.  A great green glass punch bowl and cups to match.


Good old Coca Cola and other Red and White Memorabilia.  Native American Platter is quite unusual. 

our red and white collectibles.               

 Antique wardrobe with drawers and hall stand.  Not too big, just right.. 


  smstars.gif (1647 bytes)   smstars.gif (1647 bytes)   smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  Welcome to the Men's Corner smstars.gif (1647 bytes)   smstars.gif (1647 bytes)   smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  

"Mantiques" are the new Name for these collectibles

        lures.jpg (69954 bytes)

  smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  Lots of good Old Tools and Wooden Fishing Lures. smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  

An old door laden with wall hooks, knobs, antique drawer pulls, sconces, etc.  

Look at these great Bottles and Button Jars.

small.jpg (65911 bytes)      
ome small collectibles like knives and lighters.  Our pal, John Wayne, smiles back at us.

             smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  smstars.gif (1647 bytes)     Fiestaware     smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  smstars.gif (1647 bytes)    
Fiesta pottery is always collectible and we have that, too.  


We Constantly buy and sell Fiestaware.

We recently purchased a collection of chartreuse Fiesta dishes.

  smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  
  Moonlight Antiques
is the only Antique Store in Arkansas that is known for its Vintage Christmas Decorations and Displays all year round.  We have a big Christmas Open House after Thanksgiving to welcome guests to the new Christmas Season.    smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  
Remember, we keep vintage Christmas decorations all year round..
smstars.gif (1647 bytes) smstars.gif (1647 bytes)smstars.gif (1647 bytes) 
  smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  Fancy Vintage Jewelry is one of our favorite things to buy.    


These are some Catholic pieces  and Saint medals we have in our jewelry section.smstars.gif (1647 bytes)    

smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  smstars.gif (1647 bytes) Gorgeous carnival glass by Mosser and a fantastic Mosser red plate with hens, candy dishes,  
spooners, pitchers,  and our salt dips are the best plus other pieces we have regularly..

smstars.gif (1647 bytes) smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  smstars.gif (1647 bytes)  smstars.gif (1647 bytes)

Click Here for My Items for Auction on Ebay
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We specialize in Antique and Vintage Collectibles.  We also handle quality reproductions of old glass produced by Mosser Glass Company.   We also have reproduction vintage tablecloths and napkins.  . 

smstars.gif (1647 bytes)smstars.gif (1647 bytes)smstars.gif (1647 bytes)smstars.gif (1647 bytes)smstars.gif (1647 bytes)smstars.gif (1647 bytes)

We accept credit card payments by phone 501.622.6760

email:  moonlightantique@aol.com

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   Our Ebay name is "greensatin."   We have several items listed. smstars.gif (1647 bytes)   
 This Floral Hibiscus Quilt sold.


This Dogwood Appliqued Quilt sold.   This Blue Bird Quilt sold.

Look for our listing as "greensatin" on ebay. We sell quilts on ebay as much as possible.
email  -  moonlightantique@aol.com

If you cannot visit us in person visit our website as much as you can

and shop our other internet shopping locations.

see us on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/moonlightantiquestore


 Moonlight Antiques and Gifts
P. O. Box 6405, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71902
If you can access PayPal on the Internet, I can accept credit card charges. 

Pay me securely with your Visa or MasterCard through PayPal!
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smstars.gif (1647 bytes)    Moonlight Antiques     smstars.gif (1647 bytes)

Bask in the Glow of the Past

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Thank you for choosing our Web site.

        May all your Christmases be bright.  

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    Click here to go to more photos on our Gallery Page.


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