Christmas Stockings
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This is a group of movable Christmas characters at Moonlight Antiques in the past.  There is an electrical sleeping Santa from 1974.  The tall Santa in the back is a Coca Cola Advertisement from the 1990's.  

Our Antique Buffets and China Closets are a way to display your fine Christmas pieces.

 Christmas blow molds are still popular.  


We have had Christmas Open Houses in early November.  We served homemade

goodies and drinks every year.

Loving memories of my husband as Santa.  He would greet the children no matter how old they were and give them a candy cane and loved every minute.

Santa in his sleigh and lots of elves helped us celebrate in 2009.


Soft reindeer pull the sleigh while fairies fly above the colorful Christmas Trees.


Colorful Christmas Trees Live in the windows.


A ski slope on the old Chuckwagon with elves and Santa.


Our giant Christmas tree had elves on ladders.

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This display was created by collecting lots and lots of Santas.  The small aluminum Christams tree is from the 50's.  There are also angels, choir members, and a jolly snowman.  


Christmas Open House Goodies.  

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Glass ornaments and wooden ornaments were a favorite each year.  Elves were a big favorite.



Santas, Sleighs, reindeer, napkin rings, salt and pepper, nativity, vintage cellaphane wreaths, and much more.
The beautiful white tree had robots and space ships on it one year.

This blue and white kneehugger had silver pants.  See the robot and rocket ship close up.


on left: 
Big Santa face, Santa Cookie Jar, Santa boot, Lots of Kneehugger elves, 
and old celliphane and aluminum garland.

at right: See the Holiday Specs and see the lights of Christmas through their Magic.

Retro pink elves and pink trees to match.  Beautiful icy snow houses and trees.

Christmas Nativities and a collection of Christmas Houses and little Christmas trees.

Christmas  Angels and Nativities 

Glorious Vintage Ornaments, Pink Plastic trees, silver snowflakes and retro tidbit trays to display them on.

Pink, turquoise, purple, chartreuse, silver, and gold Christmas pre-lit and retro trees.

We specialized in vintage glass ornaments.

A basket of ornies:  Angels, Santas, Mrs. Santas, Elves, Snowmen, and Reindeer. 

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Large Snowman and other blow mold decorations and the green tree was made in the 1960's and sold for $350.


Gold Retro Christmas tree and Table full of Christmas Toys and Elves in the Background. Plus more.


Santa Clauses and Church and other Christmas collectibles.


More Santas and Sleighs and Reindeer.

Christmas display with Polar Bear, Reindeer, and other friends.

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More outdoor Santas and vintage aluminum Christmas trees.  Also pictured is the Coca Cola Stand-up Santa and ceramic lighted Christmas trees.  Vintage Christmas decorations come in turquoise and pink, too.



Two more Christmas Fairies in Pink and Turquoice.

Fitz and Floyd Cookie Jar, Gold Angel and Collection of Christmas Mice.

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